Step 1. Make sure that you are eligible for a scholarship by checking the eligibility requirements.

Step 2. Examine the academic offers available at the host institutions within the consortium. Check whether or not the offers that interest you have additional specific application requirements. Feel free to contact the host institutions about their offerings should you have further questions

Step 3. Download the the necessary documents that will need to be uploaded to complete your application.

Step 4. Click the following link to begin the application process. The link contains further instructions on how to submit your application.

Additional Information

You are allowed to apply for two different host institutions.

Your application will not be considered complete until ALL of the necessary documents have been uploaded through the application tool and you have submitted your application. Under no circumstances will required application documents be accepted via email.

Upon submitting your application, you will receive email confirmation and a receipt of your application submission. Please keep this confirmation email in case it is requested by your home or potential host institution.

Your application is saved and can be accessed at your discretion. You do not need to complete the application process all at once. You can access and modify your application all the way until you hit the submit button.

Should you have further questions that are not addressed by the application tool website or here, please feel free to contact: (email goes here)