Selection Process

 1. Application Process - Applicants will gather all of the necessary information, fill out the required forms, and submit their applications using the application tool. Only complete applications will make it to the Eligibility Check.

2. Eligibility Check - The Eligibility Check phase begins after the Application Process ends. Home institutions will perform eligibility checks of each application. The Eligibility Check ensures that all EACEA requirements are listed within the applicants application, and that the applicant has submitted all of the necessary files and any additional materials required by the applicants selected host institutions. Applicants from TG2 and TG3 will have their eligibility checks performed by a project representative from the country of which the TG2 or TG3 applicant is a citizen.

3. Evaluation - Home and host institutions will evaluate applicants, with host institutions being given priority in terms of candidate evaluation. Both home and host institutions will use a commonly agreed on grading template (see below) in their evaluation of candidates. Host institutions may contact applicants to arrange interviews via VoIP services, such as Skype.

4. Selection Committee Evaluation - Finalist applications will be reviewed during a Selection Committee meeting. The Selection Committee will nominate a final list of applicants selected to receive scholarships. Note: The Selection Committee may also utilize additional factors in determining the final list of applicants nominated for scholarships. For example, they must ensure a fair distribution of mobilities to host institutions and that regional institutions are represented in the mobilities. In the event of a tie between applicants, the Selection Committee will also address the cross-cutting issues outlined in the Programme Guide of Erasmus Mundus.

5. Notification - Selected applicants will be notified electronically that they have been nominated to receive scholarships.

6. Appeals - Applicants who have not been nominated to receive a scholarship may appeal the results within a given time period.